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White Squirrel Realty & Rentals
107 N. Caldwell St.
Brevard NC 28712
Tel: 828-877-3434

Residential Property Management & Sales LLC is now White Squirrel Realty and Rentals and is a family owned, local company based in Brevard, NC.  We use a simple 5 step program to manage your investment or second home.  We lead the industry with our tech tools including dynamic pricing and a dedicated channel manager.    We have a full time maintenance team that can be dispatched quickly to address any issues.  The management team is dedicated to your success and our office is easy to find in downtown Brevard.    We can also assist with your dream home purchase offering a full range of brokerage services.  Call our office to schedule an appointment with Isaac Allen, owner, to discuss.   Our full range of management services are available to you, we are a phone call away.  828-877-3434.  Contact us, click here. 


White Squirrel Realty 107 N. Caldwell St, Brevard
107 N. Caldwell St., Brevard, NC 28712


Call our office at 828-877-3434 or email at: [email protected]

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